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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Volunteer with VCC


The pillars of our organization are safety and quality. The programs are of high quality where the volunteer is taken to places where they are needed. The volunteers will go to different situations where there is a need and the impact of the work done changes the life of another. The programs are set by the organizations and we choose the right organizations that provide the best effect on the community. We want the volunteer to feel like they have given something to the community through their work and the work done is sustainable throughout the years to come. We choose programs that have an effect on the community. This way you can leave a finger print on a life.


We are very careful about safety and it is given our highest priority. Safety is a issue that is on every one’s mind especially those who are volunteering for the first time. To enhance safety we make sure they stay in homes where there will be a family to take care of the volunteers. Also we ensure there are adequate communication between the volunteer and the in country member of staff. We to try to provide secure programs in the institutions and at the home


We have made the price of VCC so low so that the volunteer can have a cheap vacation in the country he wants to operate in. The price is lower than other organizations because the volunteer will stay in a home stay and not in a hostel or a hotel thus reducing the cost by a whole lot. We also don’t use middle men since they would like a commission they normally raise the cost of the whole procedure. We directly link the volunteers straight to the organization where they are to work.

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