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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top safety tips when you volunteer or travel abroad

Travelling is an exciting adventure that many people want to undertake but for one reason or the other they do not do it. When you get the chance to travel whether you are going on safari, touring or volunteering you should be cautious.When you travel, read this in order to avoid any problem during your fun holiday:

- Make sure you know your embassy's number, this is especially important when you run into trouble or you lose your passport.

- Find out the location of the embassy.

- Budget appropriately and check for Currency fluctuations. In some cases tourists assume they have carried enough money for their holiday only to find they didn’t have enough to buy souvenirs and gifts.

- We recommend you get comprehensive travel insurance. This is important in case you fall sick and you can be well taken care of

- Check with your doctor as soon as possible to find out which vaccinations that you might need. Going to foreign countries , like tropical countries you will be susceptible to various diseases and illnesses.

- Make sure you have the correct Visa.

- Keep in touch with your family and friends and keep in regular contact with them. This ensures at all times one of your friends or family knows where you are and can get to you just in case something happens.

- Book a flexible ticket which allows you to leave anytime. There have been some instances of political instability and you might need to get of there as soon as possible. Hence the need of a flexible ticket.

- Keep away from situations that make you uncomfortable. Always follow your instincts, you can avoid problems by being cautious.

- Keep an eye on your belongings.

- Beware of pickpockets as they are many in especially high tourist areas.

- Try to keep a low profile and try to blend in.

- Always keep your mobile phone and valuables like jewelry out of sight.

- Carry your phone card, and loose change for making calls.

- Always try to know where you are going.

- Try always to be in groups especially at night, don’t walk alone.

These are a few of the many safety precautions you should take into consideration to whichever part of the world you want to visit. Try to read more to ensure you and your family's safetry. Have fun throughout your vacation!!!

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