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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cultural Experince

Cultural tourism

Am really excited about today’s topic, I have been dying to write as soon as I got to my laptop. I was busy somewhere (I will get to it relax) and now am back to my laptop. I have switched it on, why does it ask me for my password, it doesn’t know today am in a hurry ok here goes z*******. Where is word? There you are, my blogging sites and my article websites there you are too. Damn this slow internet connection. Ok now am good let’s get into it.

I am currently in an exotic country you should see the landscapes. They are beautiful. These are the types where you would sit down with nature and forget about everything else. You forget that you are so many miles (kilometers whichever suits you) from civilization. The only person who can reach you now is your fellow tourists. Not your boss (damn him or her), not your mother (pestering you) your friend who has relationship issues and not your subordinate who needs you to wave your magical wand to solve his problems. No right now it’s only you and nature or rather it’s me and nature. Oh this site is beautiful. The sky is blue and there are few clouds, a light breeze that ruffles my collar. My only cause for concern is my friend here who says his camera is running out of charge and he can’t take any more photos. This is very beautiful, I don’t want to go into wildlife because you can switch on the discovery channel and they will describe it better than I do (lies).

I am really excited about the scenery, the view I feel I should be writing a poem right now on life and how God (or whoever you worship) should be praised. Here He spent just a bit more time to make. The untamed wild is where we are. My only problem is if nature calls (I ate a bit too much…damn) but other than that we are good. After a few hours the tour driver called to us and told us it’s time to go. My camera has taken too many snaps and am satisfied I can’t wait to upload it to my laptop. He says he wants to take us see some village for some reason. We are all ok with it because after today nobody can dare complain

To every good story there is a bad side to it. So here is mine we found out later that the car developed mechanical problem and we would have to stay the night in the village and alas there are no hotels. And if there was one, I wouldn’t have paid as it’s the tour operator’s responsibility. So we would have to wait till the morning for another car to come and pick us up. My travel agent is going to get a scathing Email. In the village we roamed around and we resigned ourselves in the tour van. But the locals had a different idea; they came to us and invited us to their homes. It was too kind of a gesture to ignore so we went to their homes.

The home I went to was small had small space everyone was sleeping on a mat, carpet or something (but I think it was alive at some point). My host was a jolly person who introduced himself to me and my friends; apparently he is the local chief. Although here titles don’t mean much. He treats us like royalty and he makes sure we are well fed. And before we sleep he offers some alcohol for the night cap. Whatever that was we drank cleared my sinuses and my throat. As I was there I was observing how they live and behave towards each other. I have to agree it was beautiful than the landscape!!!!!.

The youngest was a baby who couldn’t talk but was being taken care of by the oldest. While the mother was in the kitchen washing dishes ( the things we used to eat with, but they were not plates) while the dad sat with us telling us of the trials and the funny experience he has had since he became chief. Apparently being chief here is hereditary and it goes way back to his great great great grandfather. Who killed the previous chief. But that is another story. After the drink we went to sleep, dreaming of all the stories we were told. In the morning at around 4 or 5 am the whole family woke up. I didn’t even hear the alarm clock but they were all up. Except from the baby, the lucky one. When I went out with the family I found the whole village was up and ready for their day. I decided to help out where I can ( I was feeling guilty for the free meal and bed) we worked with them and it was such an exciting experience. They made me forget about complaining to my travel agent. It was a wonderful experience. its going to be in one of my top ten best holidays.

The other car came with a mechanic and it was hard to say goodbye. But we had to leave for my next adventure. To fully experience a place you are visiting try and mix with the locals it is totally worth it. Now am back in civilization and am writing my story to you I wish you were all there!!!! Words cant do my experience any justice.

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