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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Volunteering Abroad And Airports

Travelling is a lot of fun especially for people who are really into it. There is so much out there that we should see and the thought is exciting. One could choose to visit the Terracotta in Asia, the pyramids in Egypt and a whole lot more. Some travellers combine volunteering with their touring to make more meaning of their journey to see the sites and experience life as a local. With all the travelling that needs to be done, there are certain aspects of it that are not positive. One of the negative aspects are losing your stuff, being lost and waiting at airports. When of the downsides of travelling is queuing at the airports. After a long international flight one thing that many people do not look forward to is waiting in line to be processed. Although there are proactive ways to make to avid the long queues at the airport, here are some of them,
One useful trick is to sit on near the front of the plane. This also includes when one is departing they should be at the airport early in order to get the seats that are nearest to the door. Some people pick different sits for different purposes but choosing a sit at the front means you get to leave the plane first and also be the first one on the immigration queue. The other benefits means collecting luggage is much easier with far less confusion. As one is planning to volunteer abroad for a few weeks or days, one should try to just have hand luggage. The benefits to this is one would have all their possessions with him or her at all times. Meaning one doesn’t have to wait for their luggage to come by at the and also if immigration wants to search your luggage it’s easier for both parties.
One of the ways to avoid long queues is choosing to land at a less busy airport. Airports like Heathrow airport or John F Kennedy airport have many visitors through them and they are bound to have long queues as soon as you arrival. To avoid wasting time on the lines, or cutting your time in half is by choosing to land in an airport that is less buy while at the same time not too far away from your destination. All this can be done before leaving home while you are choosing where you are going to fly to. The smaller airports come in handy as it is much more convenient and there is a less likelihood of losing your luggage due to fewer travellers. Smaller airports come in handy especially when one has to connect with another plane because there won't be another long queue. The only drawback is that they are not as lavish as the larger compatriots.
Lastly dealing with immigration is much easier if one is cooperative. If one is asked any questions they should answer calmly and truthfully. There are some countries that require the travellers to fill out a form, like I-94 for the USA, they should have it done by the time they are at the immigration offices. Also while at the airport, the travellers should look at the signs or ask for directions to know where they are meant to be. There is nothing as bad as queuing in the wrong lines. Lastly, if the travellers should confirm everything that they are told by the immigration officers or the details that they are provided to prevent any problems when they are leaving the country.

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