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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Convincing Parents to Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering abroad is a full adventure by itself, there is a lot to do and see while abroad. Many teenagers and young adults are the ones who form the bulk of the proportion of people who would like to volunteer abroad. Unfortunately most of them are dependent on their parents for not only financial situations as well morale support. As such when they would like to take a trip abroad they have to get their parents’ permission to do it. Sadly to say many of the potential volunteers do not go abroad because they fail to convince their parents to let them go. Their parents are justified to say no for a number of reasons like safety, price and stability. However, the potential volunteers can change their parents’ minds to let them go by presenting a well formed argument with facts. Parents are genuinely concerned about their children and want the best for them. If they are shown the potential benefits of volunteering abroad outweighs the problems then they will allow it. Here are some reasons potential volunteers could use to convince their parents.
Involving parents from the beginning of the planning process helps a lot as they will feel as they have more control and knowledge of what is going on. In the planning process they will find out about the risks involved, the amount of money that would be needed as well as the benefits of the program. Planning from day one helps because they will not act surprised on the request and will prevent them from giving weak excuses as to why it’s not possible for a volunteer abroad trip. Planning in advance with them also helps to put them in the psychological frame of mind knowing that after a certain period their child would be travelling abroad.
Another way of changing their parent’s minds is through showing an appropriate budget. One of the concerns for parents is that are they able to afford a volunteer abroad trip. As money is need for flight fare, volunteer fees, vaccinations, insurance as well as other items. When the parents see how much is needed they are able to see whether the volunteer program is feasible or not. If it’s too expensive it’s not possible and if it’s too cheap then questions are asked. Also to help in the budget the volunteers can fundraise or get jobs to help pay for the trip. This also eases the burden of the whole program on the parents. If the volunteer has some money the parents will see that he or she is committed to the program and wants to make it happen.
Lastly explaining the importance of volunteering abroad will help change their parent’s minds. There are so many benefits to volunteering abroad other than touring, and helping to the volunteer. One of them are the volunteers matures as they get to see how people in the world are living and become a better person; another advantage is that it looks really good on resume when applying for jobs or schools. This sets them apart from other job seekers who are already out there. Many parents may seem obstinate in the beginning but explaining to them on how volunteering abroad is possible and the benefits that arises from it will help change their minds.

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