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Friday, January 6, 2012

Volunteer abroad Airport delays

If you are a constant traveller or even just as a one-time thing, then you might have experienced airport delays or plane delays at one point while you were travelling. The reasons for these delays are several; they could be mechanical issues, bad weather, emergency situations etc. When such a situation arises you may not know what to do with the time on your hands. Here is a list of activities that may come in handy if in case you find yourself in such a situation.
Eat/ drink
Airports all over the world have restaurants and pubs where one can pass some time while awaiting their flights. What you eat or drink may be dictated by the hour of the day, like for instance you may not have some scotch at 10:00 am in the morning, at your departure point, even though your estimated arrival time at your destination it will be midnight. Having a snack before you get on board your plane will pass some time without you even necessarily noticing it.
Browse the bookstore and magazine stands
You may have carried with you a book or two for the flight, but you will find that there are a few choice books at the bookstores that may interest you to add onto your collection. If books are not your thing then you have several magazine stands where you can get the latest magazines to either look through or purchase.
Time always moves faster while you sleep, this will also help you feel rested and rejuvenated by the time you are getting on the plane. While sleeping at the airport, just make sure you’re your luggage is safe or somebody is watching over you and your belongings.
Work / Surf the net
Most airports have Wi-Fi; some of them even offer it free of charge. You can pass some time by getting any work that you have with you or that you have pending done. If you have no work, then you can pass time by simply surfing the web. Do some research on your volunteer destination, or the organisation you are going to work with during your volunteer work, chat with friends, the delay will be over before you know it.
Take a walk/ stretch your legs
In the event of a layover then your legs might be feeling a bit crumped from sitting in the plane the same situation can also be experienced from waiting too long in one spot for news of your planes departure. In such cases just take a walk around the airport, this will provide you with some exercise as well as help you pass some time just be careful not to walk too far away from your terminal
Meet with your fellow travellers and start up conversation, you already have a good conversation opening in that your flight has been delayed, you might even find others who are distressed same as you that their schedule has been messed. You get to enhance your social skills while at the same time meeting new people and buying some time before your flight is ready to leave.
Other fun options
There are several other things you can do while waiting for your flight, one of them is taking photos of things you find interesting around the airport, you can also do some people watching in busy airports, where you watch passers-by from different places around the world. Other than this you can plane watch if you are airplane enthusiast. You can also shop at the duty free or depending on the airport you are in, have a spa treatment shower or gamble. In the long run you pass the time and feel less frustrated, with these activities to help you

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