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Friday, May 6, 2011

Honeymooning while volunteering abroad

Research has it that this is a growing trend among newlywed couples in this day. Newlyweds do not want their honeymoon to be a simple self centered holiday, as it was during the older more traditional days. More and more couples are carrying out their marriage ceremonies abroad; this scenario leads to a situation where most of these couples are in the most opportune destination for their honeymoon. Couples therefore see this as an opportunity to use the beginning of their matrimonial life to give back, and use this opportunity abroad to volunteer.

For a volunteer experience to fully be appreciated by both the locals and the newlywed couple, then it is recommended that the couple take at least a period of a full month volunteering while enjoying their honeymoon. You can do this in two ways, either use part of your day volunteering and an equal amount of the rest of the day relaxing and just plain old honeymooning activities or you can use the beginning of your honeymoon, say the first two weeks to volunteer then the last two weeks as a full honeymoon period

You may notice that wedding traditions have changed, whereas it was common place for most newlywed couples to start living together after the wedding, today, most couples have already been living together for a while even years by the time they finally get married, some even have children together, and have the wedding ceremony mainly to formalize their relationship and to affirm their love for each other. One plus that comes with volunteering during your honeymoon is that the couple gets to further solidify their unity by working together on something that they both feel passionate about, in many situations the experience that he couple has while volunteering will form part of their most memorable time spent during their honeymoon, and they will also to get to learn more about their culture and the culture of others, not to mention getting to appreciate themselves and all they have in each other so much more.

Many have a misconception that if volunteering while honeymooning you will have to spend your nights in a locals home, this does not have to be the case many volunteer organizations can make arrangements for a honeymooning couple to stay in a hotel or just organize for suitable quarters for the couple.

The honey moon does not have to lose its original purpose; a self centered time dedicated to knowing and exploring your partner further, some would prefer it to stay this way, after all many more holidays may come up and you can use these holidays to give back. But why not make your honeymoon experience mean much more by sharing not only with yourself but with others. The act of your wedding does not have to change just your life; it may also change the life of an eight year old orphan. Times have changed, it’s a new day, why not change with the times. Volunteering during your honeymoon otherwise known as ‘honeyteering’, or the honeymonth, is the trend of the future, so get with the times

There are some volunteering programs that prepare the newlyweds about life. The married couple can work with kids and this will help them to understand how having kids will change their lives. It also prepares them for having kids. Community development programs which involve women help the couple to understand the value of both husband and wife. These programs show the power of unity and how much that can be achieved if both parties are there.

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